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​shelley sorek 

When Shelley Sorek rst discovered the art of paper sculpture, a decade ago, a new world was introduced to her. Along the years, raw materials such as: bronze, beads and mesh (iron net) transformed into sculpting materials.

The endless possibilities embedded in the material, the complete control of the technique and the unique, conceptual thinking have made Shelley an artist with a de ned signature.

In her work, Shelley stretches the limits - the themes she picks, the range scale (from miniatures to huge sculptures) and her interpretation of paint, material and shape. The sculptures she creates vary from aesthetic to humorous, nostalgic to decorative and from colourful wealth to monochromatic minimalism.

The far east, and particularly Japan, in uences Shelley Sorek’s art greatly. As a child, Shelley was exposed to the Japanese culture, through her father’s employment, and ever since she was mesmerised by it. She has been studying Japanese for eight years, has travelled to Japan, stayed with a local family and continually acquires knowledge of the Japanese culture. Naturally, the Japanese paper art inspires Shelley and is re ected in many of her works. 

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